May the Fourth be with You

May 4th, 2021 Chris Phillip
May the Fourth be with You
Happy Star Wars Day!

A long time ago in a galaxy, well, this galaxy in the days before vinyl wraps, fanboys took airbrushes in hand and immortalized Star Wars scenes on their cars and vans.

This promotional 1977 Toyota Celica may have started the craze.

Built by Twentieth Century Fox and a Toyota in conjunction with the Star Wars theatrical release in 1977, this Celica stood out with a Star Wars poster scene airbrushed on its hood.

Now dubbed the Star Wars "mysterymobile," this Celica has been missing for decades, its whereabouts unknown.

But that's not the only Star Wars-inspired vehicle that sends Star Warriors' senses into hyperdrive.

How about a Land Speeder golf cart, a Nissan Rogue X-Wing or even a Hot Wheels Stormtrooper Dodge Challenger?

You can see the 8 best Star Wars inspired cars at