Wings Up for Thunderbird Appreciation Day!

May 16th, 2024 Chris Phillip
Wings Up for Thunderbird Appreciation Day!
You may know April 17 as National Mustang Day and April 26 as National HEMI Day. Now, the iconic Ford Thunderbird has its own appreciation day.

Ford Thunderbird owners know that their cars are “Unique In All the World!” as the classic Ford catchphrase proudly points out. That’s why each May, the three major Thunderbird enthusiast clubs promote a global “Thunderbird Appreciation Day” – which this year falls on Sunday, May 19, 2024.

Ford produced more than 4 million Thunderbirds over the years but these cars are still a fairly rare sight to see on the road. So now’s the time for you to join other Thunderbird owners around the world as well as members of the Classic Thunderbird Club International, Vintage Thunderbird Club International, and the International Thunderbird Club as they celebrate these iconic cars on their 8th annual Appreciation Day.

Celebrating Thunderbird Appreciation Day is all about sharing the beauty and legacy of your classic Thunderbird with the world. What better way to do this than by taking your prized possession out for a spin in public? Polish up that chrome, buff out the paint until it shines like new, and hit the road. Cruise down main streets, park at popular hangouts, or join a local car meet-up. The key is visibility – let people see and admire the timeless design and engineering of your Thunderbird. Engage with curious onlookers, share stories about your car's history, and maybe even offer a peek under the hood. It's a day to foster community appreciation, ignite conversations, and perhaps inspire the next generation of classic car enthusiasts. So, rev up those engines and let your Thunderbird be seen and celebrated on May 19!

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