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The RYNO Mission

Our mission at RYNO is to create the ultimate platform for buying and selling. To make online communication as easy as having a conversation with a friend. Our goal is to eliminate categories, geographical boundaries and the need to search over and over for all the items you are looking for. Follow family and friends and see what they are selling. Follow your hometown to stay on top of whats being sold in your area. Just like facebook when you follow all the people that matter to you, build your feed on RYNO of items you're looking for, the people that matter to you and locations you visit the most. Search, follow, repeat!

RYNO is focused on what matters to you! We are building a smart, intuitive and secure platform for buying and selling online. The passion of this company and the sole mission is to create the ultimate way people find and sell items everyday!

Ryan Maturski President & CEO

Check out the information below to learn a little bit more about RYNO and how the website works. Explore the navigation, the following features and what the Trust Score means. If you have any questions please let us know with the contact form. Thank you!

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The Navigation


This is the area where you will find all spotlighted posts. Any user can spotlight their item for sale to have it appear in this section by selecting this option during the posting process. You can also go back and select this option at any time by going to your account and editing the post you'd like to spotlight

MY FEED (Account Required)

This section is where you will see items for sale based on the searches, locations, people and companies you follow. The most recent posts will appear at the top of your feed.


Items or people you search for will appear in the search section. You can search by item name, the brand of the item, or the person who posted it.

LOCAL POSTS (Location Required)

This area is where will you find what is for sale in your area. Items at the top will be closer to you than the items below it.

NEW POST (Account Required)

Click this icon when you are ready to post an item for sale. You will have the opportunity to add it to the Spotlight section at the end of the posting process.

MY ACCOUNT (Account Required)

This is where you can you update your personal information and edit any current posts you've uploaded.


Ryan Maturski started his passion to build a motorsports classified web site back in 1998 when RacingJunk.com was founded. RacingJunk grew one of the most powerful online resources for Motorsport enthusiasts to buy and sell race cars, parts, trailers and everything in between. After 14 years, 700 thousand members and great experience of growth the company sold ending a successful climb in the industry.

Ryan spent years after the sale engineering ways to make the classifieds better. Asking the following questions: Can classifieds work like a conversation? What if Craigslist and Instagram joined forces? Can it remember why you are there and what you are looking for? Can categories be eliminated all together, like using Google, simply search or post an item for sale!

5 Years later, locked away from the classified space, we are introducing RYNO! The first steps in answering the questions above and driving toward the creation of the ultimate place to buy and sell online.


Searched items

RYNO makes it easy to follow any item you are eager to buy, even if it hasn't been posted yet! Type in what you are looking to buy and if it is available for sale it will appear. If no one has posted one for sale yet, don't worry, you'll see it in your feed when someone does add one for sale.


Follow places where you are interested in seeing what might be posted for sale. Follow places where you know people or where you think your items are more likely to appear. You can see what's for sale near you by clicking the Local Posts icon, but if you are traveling, follow your hometown.

People and Companies

RYNO makes it easy to follow your friends, family, brands you trust, or people with whom you share a hobby or interest. If you want to create a small network of trusted buyers and sellers, this will also work for you.


TRUST & Trust Score

When you're buying something from a good friend, you trust that when you hand over payment that they will give you the item for sale. RYNO uses this as way for individuals to mark people they trust as 'trusted'. The more positive interactions you have will likely result in this score going up.

You know Bob, right? You've know him for a long time and if some approached you saying they were going to buy something from Bob, would you say you trust him? Now this doesn't mean the item he's selling is perfect! The trust in this case just means that you personally know Bob and trust he's a good person and not someone trying to pull a fast one on someone

If someone you knew was selling something, would you steer clear? not say anything as you aren't sure or do you know this person well enough to say you trust this person and feel he's just trying to do an honest deal

Trust Score If you see a member with a TRUST 43 - This only means that there are 43 other members of RYNO that know and have marked that they trust this member. Each Trust Score is clickable where you can see each individual that makes up that number. This way, if you see someone you know you'll have a better connection in knowing you're dealing with someone close to your own circle of trust and have the ability to ask questions about the seller

Location Issues

Location not working?

Chrome Browser (Computer)

  1. At the top right, click More and then Settings.
  2. At the bottom, click Show advanced settings.
  3. In the "Privacy" section, click Content settings.
  4. Find the "Location" section.
  5. Choose the option you want as your default setting.

Click here for more Chrome support - https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/142065?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en&oco=0

Safari Browser (Computer)

Enabling Location Services
  1. Follow these steps to enable location services in OS X Mountain Lion or later
  2. Choose System Preferences from the Apple () menu.
  3. Click the Security & Privacy icon in the System Preferences window.
  4. Click the Privacy tab.
  5. If the padlock icon in the lower left is locked (), click it and enter an admin name and password to unlock it ().
  6. Select Location Services.
  7. Check the "Enable Location Services" checkbox.

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