"Hey RYNO, Help me buy and sell anything!"


Searching and how it works

When searching for an item like a Ford Mustang. RYNO will first try and find items that match both Ford and Mustang. After finding the best matches for both words, it'll start looking for posts that match Ford and posts that match Mustang. The best results will always be on the top of the search, and RYNO will continue to fill in other posts that may be close but not exactly what you are searching. After searching for an item you can follow the search, and it will display all the newest posts right in your feed.

Build Your Feed


RYNO makes it easy to follow any item you're looking for, even if it isn't posted yet! Type in what you are looking for on the SEARCH screen, and if it is available for sale, it will appear.

  • Search for an item
  • Click on the follow button
  • View all followed items on your FEED screen


RYNO makes it easy to follow your friends, family, brands you trust, or people with whom you share a hobby or interest. If you want to create a small network of trusted buyers and sellers, this will also work for you.

  • View a User or Business profile
  • Click on the follow button
  • View all followed items on your FEED screen


Follow places where you are interested in seeing what might be posted for sale. Follow places where you know people or where you think your items are more likely to appear. You can see what's for sale near you by clicking the Local Posts icon, but if you are traveling, follow your hometown.

  • View a Location attached to any post
  • Click on the follow button
  • View all followed items on your FEED screen

Trust & Trust Score

When you're buying something from a good friend, you trust that when you hand overpayment that they will give you the item for sale. RYNO uses this as a way for individuals to mark people they trust as 'trusted.' The more positive interactions you have will likely result in this score going up.

You know Bob, right? You've known him for a long time and if some approached you saying they were going to buy something from Bob, would you say you trust him? Now, this doesn't mean the item he's selling is perfect! The trust, in this case, means that you personally know Bob and trust he's a good person and not someone trying to pull a fast one on someone.

If someone you knew was selling something, would you steer clear? not say anything as you aren't sure or do you know this person well enough to say you trust this person and feel he's just trying to do an honest deal Trust Score. If you see a member with a TRUST 43 - This only means that there are 43 other members of RYNO that know and have marked that they trust this member. Each Trust Score is clickable, where you can see each user that makes up that number. This way, if you see someone you know, you'll have a better connection in knowing you're dealing with someone close to your circle of trust and can ask questions about the seller.

Looking for help on how to use the site? Check out the frequently asked questions!