New Corvette Exhibit Shows Off All 8 Generations!

May 3rd, 2021 Chris Phillip
New Corvette Exhibit Shows Off All 8 Generations!
If you're a Vette fan (Of course, we are talking Corvette not Chevette!), Gilmore Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan, currently has a multi-million dollar exhibit for you to oooh and aaah over.

Entitled "Greatest Generation," the exhibit features America's favorite sports car from the first through eighth generations.

Corvettes in the exhibit include the 1954 Nomad Station Wagon and Corvair dream cars from the 1954 GM Motorama show, a 1969 Corvette L-88 and six different concept, styling and development cars from GM that have never been displayed together previously. The centerpiece of the exhibit is the No. 26 Corvette produced, which was built on the original Corvette assembly line in Flint, Michigan, before production moved to St. Louis, Missouri. (Source:

Kudus to the museum for offering free admission to America's active-duty servicemen and women. Adult admission is a reasonable $16.

And if just looking at cool Corvettes is not enough, get your chances to win a fully restored big-block Corvette at and a pair of incredible Corvettes at