Classic Chevy Tri-Power Engine? Nope. Look Again.

April 29th, 2021 Chris Phillip
Classic Chevy Tri-Power Engine? Nope. Look Again.
At first look, you might mistake this photo as a classic Chevy big-block from the 1960s.

That's what Lokar's LS Classic Series “Classic in a Crate” wants you to think.

You're actually looking at an LS crate engine with Tri-Power, spark plugs even a Frigidaire A/C compressor.

Lokar's description says: All of our LS Classic components are available, installed, on one of our Classic Crate Engines. We start with a brand new GM 495 horse power LS3 right out of the box. We then paint it orange (if you so desire) and begin assembling your desired components until we have the perfect crate engine for your project. Once completely assembled we put the engine on our in-house run stand, load your Holley EFI ECU with our start-up tune, and run your engine to check for leaks and oil pressure. After we are satisfied that your engine will operate with no issues, we put it back in the original GM crate and ship it directly to you or your builder. Once you receive your engine it is as simple as installing it, terminating a couple of power and ground wires on the harness and putting fuel pressure to the engine. We guarantee an easy start up!

As these are completely custom packages tailored to your needs, pricing varies depending on the engine’s options. Prices begin at $13,900.

Imagine the reaction you'll get when your friends ask you to open the hood of your late-model LS-powered Chevy, GM Pontiac or Cadillac or a restomod, and your LS engine looks just like a 427/435ci Chevy big-block.

We love this idea and hope to use it in a future product. Great job, Lokar!

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