100 Years is a very Long Time oh yes oh

April 26th, 2021 Chris Phillip
100 Years is a very Long Time oh yes oh
In a search for the eldest hot rod on RYNO, I chanced upon this 1919 Model T Ford C cab. Can it really be over 100 years have passed from when Ford's best-selling automobile of the prewar era was still in production?

Some, including this author, recall the Munster coach from the TV show "The Munsters," which was built by George Barris from three Ford Model Ts.

This Herman and Lilly-style hot rod is described by its seller as "an absolute 'one of a kind' all-steel street rod ... an attention grabber at any car show or just driving down the street and it drives just as good as it looks."

Over $100,000.00 was invested in this 10-year build with pictures from start to finish. Features include a steel body over wood, a 396ci Chevy big-block, a TH350 automatic trans, custom chassis, steering column, brake assembly and dashboard, four-wheel disc brakes and Mickey Thompsons wrapped around ETS wheels.

This concrete-cruising centenarian is RYNO's "Car of the Week."