Top Corvettes - 2016 Z06 Convertible

April 7th, 2021 Chris Phillip
Top Corvettes - 2016 Z06 Convertible
Chevrolet introduced the all-new C7 Corvette for the 2014 model year, which included the return of the Stingray name. After several generations of Corvettes aimed at Baby Boomers and their progeny, it was clear that the C7 Stingray was the first Corvette designed to inspire a new generation of fans.

The influence of the C3 was still there, but the C7 Stingray had a bit of revolutionary. Like the Transformers-influenced Camaro, the new Corvette now reflected a bold, aggressive look that caught the attention of Millennials, yet polarizing some traditionalists. Nonetheless, there was no denying the C7 Stingray was at a whole new level of world-class than before.

A year later, Chevrolet introduced the 2015 Z06 performance package, once again giving Corvette enthusiasts the chance to have a track-ready street car. The new-gen Z06 celebrated three firsts for the package: supercharging and intercooling, the choice of an automatic transmission, and the availability of a Z06 convertible. With 650 horsepower, the Z06 featured an astounding 195 horses over the base Stingray.

For 2016, Chevrolet kept things fresh with the C7.R Edition package (a Z06 paying homage to the Corvette Racing C7.R) and three “design packages” (Twilight Blue, Spice Red, and Jet Black). When the model year was over, 40,689 Corvettes built, including 14,275 Z06s, with 2,732 of those being convertibles – impressive for a car capable of 0-60 in 3 seconds.

Story by By Diego Rosenberg