Very Few Buyers Opting For Base C8 Corvettes

March 29th, 2021 Chris Phillip
Very Few Buyers Opting For Base C8 Corvettes
Chevrolet may be known for raising generations of fans on the blue Bowtie, but in a recently reported instance, it raised some eyebrows when it revealed the average transaction price of the C8 Corvette.

First, some backstory. You may recall that at the C8 Corvette's official introduction two years ago, General Motors promised the base price would come in at under $60K. The joke automotive journalists batted around went something like this: "Does that include an engine, steering wheels and tires?"

As we now learn, the average C8 Corvette transaction price is about as further north of that $60K base price as Gnome, Alaska, is to Miami, Florida.

In an interview with GM Authority, General Motors Performance and Motorsports Communications Assistant Manager Trevor Thompkins "confirmed that the average transaction price for the 2021 Corvette during the month of February, 2021 was $86,185. Critically, that’s a massive $26,000 increase over the previous-generation C7 Corvette."

What's unknown is whether any base Corvettes were even built as even one extra-cost option would take the retail price over $60,000.

If you're looking at buying a C8 Corvette and were enticed by finding one under $60,000, you may have to wait for the used-car market. Heck, you may even find one on RYNO Classifieds, but honestly, don't expect to find one at a Chevrolet dealer for anywhere close to that price.