Top Corvettes - 1996 Grand Sport

March 22nd, 2021 Chris Phillip
Top Corvettes - 1996 Grand Sport
The fourth generation (C4) Corvette was continually improved each year, enough so that by the end of the model run in 1996, it represented the pinnacle of automotive engineering at the time, offering brash style, performance, and reliability at a relative bargain price compared to upscale competitors from overseas.

Chevrolet decided that a very special, limited edition Corvette was needed to commemorate the end of the highly successful C4 series. So special, in fact, that it should share an iconic name very familiar to Corvette racing aficionados... Grand Sport... the awesome Corvette race car of the early ’60’s of which only 5 were ever built.

This all new Grand Sport featured a special Admiral Blue exterior with a wide White stripe running up the hood and over the rear deck, two Red hash marks over the left front fender, Black spoke "ZR-1" style wheels, plus chrome badging and embroidery on the headrests. But what really made the GS so grand was the one year only LT4 engine! This power plant featured 10.8:1 compression, revised aluminum heads and camshaft, Crane roller rockers and put out a "conservatively" rated 330hp. In addition, this engine was only available with the 6-speed manual transmission and only 1000 Grand Sports were built... 810 coupes and 190 convertibles... the most coveted being the rare GS Convertible with red/black interior of which only 53 were produced. This very car was featured in a recent article by CNN Money as one of the Ten Most Valuable Corvettes ever produced.

The Grand Sport Owners Registry ( is an extremely active social group formed to help owners and enthusiasts get even more enjoyment out of this very special Corvette. The public is invited to help the Registry celebrate the Grand Sport’s 20th Anniversary with thousands of other Corvettes at Corvette Funfest in Effingham, Illinois, September 15-18, 2016.

Story by John “Hutch” Hutchinson