Top Corvettes - 1993 40th Anniversary Corvette ZR1

March 10th, 2021 Chris Phillip
Top Corvettes - 1993 40th Anniversary Corvette ZR1
Model-year 1993 marked the 10th year of the C4 Corvette. Not only had it aged gracefully, but its 300-horsepower LT1 – 95 more than 1984’s L83 – also demonstrated the computer-controlled mojo that helped pull Chevrolet out of the Malaise Era. But the true enduring distinction for 1993 was the Corvette’s 40th anniversary.

To celebrate, Chevrolet offered the Z25 40th Anniversary Package, a $1,455 option for the coupe and convertible, which included unique Ruby Red metallic paint with matching leather interior, plus commemorative badges on all four sides; convertibles also received a matching top.

The ZR1 “Special Performance Package” now in its fourth year, continued to be offered for the coupe. The $31,683 option (which almost doubled the price of the Corvette) included the LT5 engine featuring a 15 horsepower bump to 405 thanks to improved cylinder heads, valvetrain, and exhaust system, among other tweaks. This configuration would continue through 1995, upon which the ZR1 package was discontinued.

The combination of the two packages is what makes the 40th Anniversary ZR1 magical. About 30 percent of Corvettes – 6,749 – received the Z25 package, while only 448 ZR1s were built. In combination, production records show 245 Corvettes were built with both packages