Sting Ray's Original Designer is Back with a 1,200 Horsepower All-Electric C2

February 10th, 2021 Chris Phillip
Sting Ray's Original Designer is Back with a 1,200 Horsepower All-Electric C2
If the name Peter Brock sounds familiar to you, here's why. He was the designer of the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray, now considered one of the best looking sports cars ever produced. Now Peter, 63 years after his design changed the course of Corvette history, is back, and this time, he's vowed to do the midyear Corvette right!

Partnering with Irish company AVA, Brock is offering a 1,200 horsepower all-electric mid-year Corvette that corrects nearly all of the production flaws of the original classic.

"At the time, this car was so groundbreaking for an American company, that its creation had to be hidden away from the rest of the complex for fear of the program being shut down. In a secret room, behind a secret door, the 19-year-old Peter drew his sketch on a humble piece of paper. The American icon was born, and it transformed the Corvette into one of the most desirable automobiles of all time.

"But sacrifices had been made in translating the design into production; the styling vision and aerodynamic performance was compromised. The car should have conquered the world on the race track. Instead, perfection was never fully realized. Today, AVA brings together two legendary designers – Peter Brock and Ian Callum – to perfect this iconic American classic. Inspired by the original sketch, the final chapter of the C2 is being written – in its ultimate embodiment of timeless beauty."

The HYPERCLASSIC, as this Corvette will be called, is not for the faint of heart or wallet. It's rumored that each hand-built sports car will set its new owner back $2-million dollars.

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