Before Lil' Red Corvette There Was Lil' Red GTO

April 15th, 2020 Chris Phillip
Before Lil' Red Corvette There Was Lil' Red GTO
What's not to love about a classic first-generation Pontiac GTO loaded from the factory with all the right stuff.

This tasty example, featured on Ryno Classifieds, from long-time seller Sterling Motors, pushes all the right buttons with the Ryno editorial team. Of course, 1966 is the third year of the GTO and the best selling year of the GTO ever. You see, momentum for the GTO really built up fast in 1965 and by 1966, the GTO was on everybody's wish list (and on the TV show My Three Sons!)

At Sterling Motors Inc we have been specializing in Collector Cars, Classics, Hot Rods, used Harleys and custom motorcycles since 2004

So how hard is it to find a red on red GTO in frame-off condition with the highly desirable Muncie 4-speed combination? Pretty darn hard but not when you favorite Ryno Classifieds because that's exactly what we have here. Other cool options: beaucoup auxiliary lamps from underhood to trunk and everywhere in-between, rally gauges and Rally I wheels. The performance touches — Edelbrock heads and intake and Doug's headers— mean that this is one serious Goat that has the grunt to back up its super cool looks. With 500 horsepower, it can keep up with most modern muscle in a battle for the fittest.

So lil' red GTO you have earned this week's Ryno Classifieds Editor's Choice. Congratulations. For more information on this pure Pontiac muscle car, see it's Ryno Classifieds listing at .