All the World's a Stage Kit ... from Mopar

April 24th, 2023
All the World's a Stage Kit ... from Mopar
Mopar's Direct Connection Stage Kits for HELLCAT models have finally arrived at Dodge Power Broker Dealers after a year and a half of waiting.

These kits are designed to enhance the power output of the Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock and Redeye, which already has an impressive powertrain with a supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI H.O. V8 engine.

The Stage 2 kit for the HELLCAT Redeye can boost the power output to 885 horsepower and 787 lb.-ft. of torque, surpassing the power of the SRT Demon.

The kits include a Direct Connection Tuner, performance air cleaner, low temp thermostat, and factory-tuned, 50-state emissions-legal calibration. The installation process is relatively straightforward for the Pre-stage and Stage 1 kits, while the Stage 2 kit requires more involvement and dealer tools.

The Stage Kits unleash the potential of the various Hellcat models while still maintaining the factory warranty after the installation. Contact your local Dodge Power Broker dealer for more information and pricing.