The Chili Bowl: A Quest for the Coveted Driller Trophy

January 3rd, 2023
The Chili Bowl: A Quest for the Coveted Driller Trophy

The Chili Bowl, held annually in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a midget car racing event that has become a beloved tradition for racing fans all over the world. The main attraction of the Chili Bowl is the chance for drivers to compete for the coveted "Driller" trophy, which is awarded to the winner of the event.

The Driller trophy is named after the iconic Tulsa drilling rig, which is a symbol of the city's rich history in the oil industry. The trophy itself is a replica of the drilling rig, standing at over three feet tall and weighing in at over 50 pounds. It is one of the most prestigious awards in all of racing, and winning it is a career-defining moment for any driver.

The process of winning the Driller trophy is no easy feat. The Chili Bowl features over 300 drivers competing in a series of heats and qualifying races, all leading up to the main event on Saturday night. The competition is fierce, with drivers pushing their cars and themselves to the limit in order to earn a spot in the final race.

Once the field is narrowed down to the top 24 drivers, they compete in the main event, a 50-lap race that is the highlight of the Chili Bowl. The winner of this race is crowned the champion and takes home the Driller trophy, as well as a cash prize and other awards.

The Chili Bowl is more than just a racing event; it has become a tradition for many families, with fans returning year after year to enjoy the action on the track. It is a celebration of all things racing, and a must-see event for any fan of the sport. The chance to compete for the Driller trophy adds an extra level of excitement and prestige to the event, making it one of the most anticipated races on the calendar each year.

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Past Winners of the Chili Bowl

2022 Tanner Thorson

2021 Kyle Larson

2020 Kyle Larson

2019 Christopher Bell

2018 Christopher Bell

2017 Christopher Bell

2016 Rico Abreu

2015 Rico Abreu

2014 Bryan Clauson

2013 Kevin Swindell

2012 Kevin Swindell

2011 Kevin Swindell

2010 Kevin Swindell

2009 Sammy Swindell

2008 Damion Gardner

2007 Tony Stewart

2006 Tim McCreadie

2005 Tracy Hines

2004 Cory Kruseman

2003 Dan Boorse

2002 Tony Stewart

2001 Jay Drake

2000 Cory Kruseman

1999 Dan Boorse

1998 Sammy Swindell

1997 Billy Boat

1996 Sammy Swindell

1995 Donnie Beechler

1994 Andy Hillenburg

1993 Dave Blaney

1992 Sammy Swindell

1991 Lealand McSpadden

1990 John Heydenreich

1989 Sammy Swindell

1988 Scott Hatton

1987 Rich Vogler