Today's the Day to Be in LA, Dodge Fans!

November 18th, 2022 Chris Phillip
Today's the Day to Be in LA, Dodge Fans!
Dodge's 800-horsepower all-electric Charger concept will be available for public viewing at the LA Auto Show starting today in Los Angeles.

Officially called the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee Stage 2 Concept, Dodge's roadmap for the muscle-car future was already a hit at the SEMA show in Las Vegas earlier this month.

A total of 9 powertrains will be available and all will be electric.

Even the base model has enough power to be called a muscle car - 455 hp and all-wheel drive.

Dodge names the concept models for the combined kilowatt rating of their motors, much like it did with the cubic-inch size of the Dodge Charger SRT 392. Thus, the Daytona SRT Concept 440 makes 440 kw, or 590 hp. (Source:

The top performer will be called the Banshee and push out over 800 horsepower without ever sipping a drop of gas.

Fans of the the Hellcat "red" key will now have a "crystal" key for the high-horsepower activation.

Expect this Dodge's all-new, all-electric, 100-percent muscle car at your Dodge dealer in 2024. Go Dodge!