A Two-Door Vic Will Do the Trick!

December 21st, 2020 Chris Phillip
A Two-Door Vic Will Do the Trick! VIEW POST
If you thought Ford's use of the name Victoria was isolated to the ubiquitous Crown Victoria sedans that filled police fleets from 1992-2012, you didn't go far enough back into your history book.

Introduced in 1930 on the Model A, "Victoria was a late addition to that year’s line and, as a result, volume was rather limited at not quite 6,500 units. All were Deluxe models with full equipment and a tan canvas roof covering. When the style was continued through 1931, another 37,000 units were produced." (Source: Mac City Garage)

That brings us up to 1932, when Ford's lil' deuce coupe was a new-production vehicle, and the Victoria, based on the the four-cylinder Model B and V8-powered Model 18, was one of the more expensive models in the lineup. The Victoria body style was discontinued in 1934, later to be reintroduced to the Ford Fairlane in 1951.

So when you see a 1932-1934 "Vicky" for sale, you know you're on to something special.

This example, oozing layers upon layers of opulent Black Cherry paint, an equally rich-ostrich skin interior and Chevy-powered locomotion, would be equally at home at a hot-rod show or on the cover of a national rodder's magazine. As is popular in these types of builds, this voluptuous Vicky features vintage air, electric wipers, power windows, tilt wheel, VOD gauges amongst its plethora of modern amenities.

If owning a hot rod with a nod toward nobility perks your noggin, this two-door Vic will do the trick.

Congratulations RYNO seller Dawn Zimmerman. Your classic hot rod is RYNO Classifieds "Car of the Week."