Burt Reynolds' Legacy Lives on with Bandit Movie Cars

April 13th, 2020 Chris Phillip
Burt Reynolds' Legacy Lives on with Bandit Movie Cars
It's amazing how a simple offer to fix Burt Reynolds' roof about five years ago has led to one of the biggest movie car buying and selling businesses in the United States.

That's the humble-beginning backstory of Bandit Movie Cars, which was owned by Smokey and the Bandit star Burt Reynolds and his friend Gene Kennedy. With Mr. Reynolds passing in 2018, Kennedy is bringing Mr. Reynolds' love affair with cars to audiences who weren't even born when Reynolds last Hollywood blockbuster movie came out. (That was Boogie Nights back in 1997!)

Whether it is a Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit, the Family Truckster from Vacation or even Elvis Presley's personal Lincoln Continental, Gene and his crew at Bandit Movie Cars have a plate full of exciting car projects and a boatload of Burt Reynolds memorabilia, some of which you can see in his seller store right here on Ryno Classifieds.

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