One Howler of a Prowler

December 3rd, 2020 Chris Phillip
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Ah, the great American car brands that have gone to the graveyard in the sky: Studebacker, Hudson, Mercury ... the list goes on. But while Pontiac may have gone out with a wimper (Anybody recall the Daewoo-built G3 abomination?), Plymouth, the brand that brought us the legendary Roadrunner and 'Cuda, went out with a bang.

Case in point is the Prowler, a legendary late-model two-seat roadster that recalls America's original obsession with those new-fangled things they called hot rods. Chrysler's design and international director Thomas C. Gale said his "love for 1930s-era hot rods" was the inspiration behind this retrolicous roadster, and as the corporation's followup to the Dodge Viper, it was light years apart from anything else in Chrysler's then-current product portfolio.

In 1997, Plymouth tested America's taste for the Prowler with a limited production of 457 units. Would there be more? The answer was "Yes!" After skipping the 1998 model year entirely, Plymouth ramped up production again from 1999-2001, building less than 4,000 Prowlers each year.

Ryno seller Raymond Warchol, the original owner of this Copper Orange coolmobile, bought it during Plymouth's final year as a living car brand and kept the miles low and the paint shiny for the past two decades. Included in the sale will be a dealer-installed matching trailer, which has never been utilized, a dealer-installed carbon-fiber exhaust system, and die-cast scale models of the car.

If tooling around town in a hoot of a hot rod that keeps the Plymouth torch burning is your calling, you should be calling this Ryno seller and striking a deal. This low-mile Plymouth Prowler is Ryno Classifieds "Car of the Week."