Cadillac's Last ICE Vehicle is the Escalade

July 31st, 2022 Chris Phillip
Cadillac's Last ICE Vehicle is the Escalade
If you're digging the Cadillac Blackwing performance sedans (3.6L twin turbo and 6.2L supercharged), they'll be gone by 2026 as will every internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle in Cadillac's line-up except the Escalade.

That gives the Blackwing a few more years of production and the Escalade through the end of the decade possibly.

By 2026, the Escalade will be available with an engine or a battery, the latter being called the Escalade IQ.

What will Cadillac V-series performance program morph into? Dual or triple all-electric motors and quicker than current gas-powered performance cars can compete against is our guess.

Cadillac is already aiming at besting Tesla's "Plaid" model performance vehicles.

Will America embrace all-electric performance cars as much as gasoline-powered muscle cars?

We'll all find out this decade!