Cadillac Gets Hyper - LeMans and Daytona 2023

June 13th, 2022 Chris Phillip
Cadillac Gets Hyper - LeMans and Daytona 2023
Third generation's a charm.

That's what Cadillac Racing is saying as it prepares for DP racing next season at LeMans and Daytona.

Their weapon of mass propulsion - the 2023 Cadillac GTP Hypercar!

If you find yourself accidentally calling it Batwing instead of Blackwing, well, you're not alone!

"This new GTP/Hypercar class race car features a carbon fiber tub developed by Cadillac Racing’s longtime partner Dallara, along with a new powertrain consisting of a 5.5L DOHC V8 engine and the new GTP/Hypercar class common hybrid system." (Source:

Get your fill of the the Cadillac hypercar next year in the 2023 IMSA Championship and IA World Endurance Championship series.