Going Home with a Supermodel

October 19th, 2020 Chris Phillip
Going Home with a Supermodel VIEW POST
In October 1996, American sports-car fans rejoiced the introduction of the C5 Corvette, the first "modern" Corvette. This all-new sports car introduced the now-legendary LS V-8 engine to the masses on a platform that was considered far-less problematic than its generational predecessor.

This spiffy specimen, posted by Ryno Classifieds seller BUDGET CORNER, proves that entering the Corvette hobby today does not mean leaning out your life's savings.

For a paltry $23K, pairing up with this pavement-pounding beauty should fall under the category of "no brainer." After all, the sensuous silver/red color combination, leather buckets, power top, $5K of engine dress up and factory five-spoke wheels poignantly point out one thing. This Corvette aced the DNA lottery!

Don't miss your chance to bring this supermodel home with you. It is Ryno Classifieds' "Car of the Week."