Cue Up Some ZZ Top

September 23rd, 2020 Chris Phillip
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One gander at this '34 Ford two-door sedan offered by Ryno seller Tazhog and it's hard not to associate it with the '33 Ford coupe, code name "Eliminator," made famous by "That Little Ol' Band from Texas" ZZ Top.

A true pre-war-era Ford devotee may beg to differ that there are no less than 65 differences between the '33 and '34 models, most of them running production changes.

Here are three to point out, courtesy of our friends at Speedway Motors (

Front grille: The '33 features a lean design which curved inward, the bars had a graceful curve forward at the bottom. The '34s are deep and flat with a wider reveal and fewer vertical straight bars.

Front emblem: The '33 is a V-8 shape. The '34 is a V-8 encompassed by triangular shape.

Hood: The '33 has curved louvers on the hood sides, one centered hood handle with a metal hook for the hood lock mechanism to connect to down low on the firewall and the hood top curves down a few inches to meet the top of the grill. The '34 has straight louvers on the hood sides, two hood handles and a hood top flat at the front.

If you're ready to re-create the vibe of that long-bearded Texas trio on the classic-car-show circuit, this '34 has a super-clean, all-steel sedan two-door body, a chopped-top 2-inch filled roof, a Chevrolet 350ci small-block crate engine with a 700R automatic, electric windows , bucket tilt seats, power brakes, stainless exhaust and a whole lot more.

For the asking price, you may have to unload some treasured vinyl from your record collection, except of course, those first-pressing ZZ Top LPs.

This hotrod Ford sedan is Ryno Classifieds'"Car of the Week."