The Unflippable F-150 Lightning

January 9th, 2022 Chris Phillip
The Unflippable F-150 Lightning
Ford's shocked at the potential secondary market of its new all-electric cars and trucks.

So to prevent folks from quickly selling their new F-150 Lightning truck for a profit, there's some fine print in the contract. You have to keep it for a year.


Every new buyer of an F-150 Lightning must sign a legally binding contract with Ford that they won't resell it for a full 12 months.

The legalese reads as follows: "Purchaser hereby agrees that it will not sell, offer to sell, or otherwise transfer any ownership interest in the vehicle prior to the first anniversary of the date hereof. Purchaser further agrees that seller may seek injunctive relief to prevent the transfer of the title of the vehicle or demand payment from purchaser of all value received as consideration for the sale or transfer.”

So if you have a F-150 reservation and have the goal of a quick flip, Ford says, "No flippin' way."


You bet it is. Way back in 2006, Ford sued a famous wrestler for selling his Ford GT, which had a two-year no-sale contract.