Cadillac Says First AV by Mid Decade

January 6th, 2022 Chris Phillip
Cadillac Says First AV by Mid Decade
It may look like it's from outer space, but Cadillac's concept, the Inner Space, is where autonomous vehicle design is heading.

CES 2022 attendees this week in Las Vegas got their peek at the Cadillac Inner Space and it's not your grandpappy's Cadillac.

GM and Cadillac are “pursuing a comprehensive path to autonomous mobility with the aim to deliver the first personal autonomous vehicle from General Motors as soon as mid-decade.”

AV is the new term for autonomous vehicles, meaning fully self-driving.

According to one news source, "The InnerSpace Concept features seating for two in a theater-style seating layout positioned around a large panoramic SMD LED display." (

We can't wait for this cool Cadillac concept to make it into production.