Electric Motor Hidden in a HEMI Block - How Cool is This?

November 29th, 2021 Chris Phillip
Electric Motor Hidden in a HEMI Block - How Cool is This?
Open the hood and you think you're seeing a flathead Ford, a Chevy small-block or a HEMI.

Look again.

Hidden inside these "blocks" are full electric powerplants ready to drop in your classic car in only a weekend.

That's the brain science behind the Old School Electric Crate Motors just introduced by Webb Motorworks.

Restomodding your Camaro or Charger can now mean 375 horsepower and 516 foot pounds of torque that stays constant right up to 5,000 rpm.

Each comes with stock motor mounts and transmission mounts so it bolts right in to the engine compartment of your classic or hot rod. Add your own stock valve covers, spark plugs, distributor wires, water pump, or headers. You can even install your stock exhaust manifold and hollowed out carburetor! Blower anyone?

To get this electric motor running, just hook up the throttle, radiator hoses, do some low voltage wiring, mount your controller, and add your charging port. The Cyber Beast will come fully charged, computer programmed and bench tested; all programmed and ready to go.

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