Dodge Says Tonight There's Gonna be a Jailbreak

November 17th, 2021 Chris Phillip
Dodge Says Tonight There's Gonna be a Jailbreak
Dodge is so cool!

The company that refuses to let muscle cars die is now offering to jailbreak paint colors and option codes so you can build and order your very own 1 of 1 Dodge muscle car.

The practice was common-place is the 1960s, but the big car companies starting putting together option groups and packages in the 1980s and it's been hard to build a 1 of 1 car ever since.

The $995 option jailbreaks your Dodge car (like jailbreaking a phone, not like jailbreaking in the Thin Lizzy song!) and that means any paint color can go with any interior color and any option can go with any other option. This is the most incredible news we have heard out of Detroit in a very long time and we applaud Dodge for this new customization program!

"We're taking most of the parts and pieces we've used over the years, adding a few new ones and letting customers build their own ‘One of One.’ So, if you're dreaming about owning a Stinger Yellow Challenger with Brass Monkey wheels, Hammerhead Grey seats, blue Brembos and red badges, I'm not sure we should, but we'll build it for you," Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis joked.

Thanks, Dodge.

These are the good ole' days!