Lil' Blue Corvette

August 17th, 2020 Chris Phillip
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Back in the day, which in this case refers to the 1970s, owning a custom Corvette was a sign of prestige. Heck, the blockbuster brains out in Hollywood even made a movie (albeit not a great one) about street cruising in a C3 Corvette. It was called Corvette Summer.

So, seeing this custom 1974 Corvette offered by Ryno seller John D. Belcastro is a slingshot back in time to the days of 25-inch cathode-ray tube TVs streaming The Six Million Dollar Man and Charlie's Angels.

By 1974, Chevy was outfitting Corvettes with luxury accoutrements over horsepower and this custom-colored medium-blue example is no exception, featuring factory power windows, steering, brakes, tilt, telescoping wheel, T-tops and a factory anti-theft system.

It's biggest claim to fame comes in the cubic-inch department, where a 454ci big-block backed by a custom four-speed automatic tip the dyno scales to the tune of 550 horses.

According to the seller, during the frame-off restoration process, nearly every wear item was replaced to include: sway-bar links, bushings, adjustable rear strut control rods, rear leaf springs, brakes, steering and suspension components and many other new parts too numerous to mention.

This classic C3 Stingray sounds like a turnkey tarmac tamer to us. How much fun would it be to pick it up in Bridgeport, West Virginia, and get it out on the Interstate for the retrolicious road trip home?

This old-school Corvette Stingray is ready to serve up a few more delectable decades of '70s-era cool. Drumroll, please. It is Ryno Classifieds Car of the Week.