Lingenfelter Performance Announces C8 Performance Mods

August 16th, 2021 Chris Phillip
Lingenfelter Performance Announces C8 Performance Mods
Lingenfelter Performance is now shipping its new Performance Design Carbon pTR Intake Manifold for eighth-generation Corvettes.

Our friends at Dream Giveaway had Ken and his team install one on the 2021 3LT Stingray that makes up the "new" part of the grand-prize in this year's Corvette Dream Giveaway.

"The five-layer carbon fiber upper is paired with a glass-reinforced nylon lower, which is available in either red or black. While the manifold enhances the overall aesthetic of the engine bay, it also improves performance." (Source:

It took a year of development to put this bad-boy intake manifold together but the results are worth it. Lingenfelter says it adds 25 horsepower to the 495 horsepower LT4 found in the Stingray.

"The list price is $2,099.98 and everything needed for installation – such as the appropriate couplers, hoses, harnesses, gaskets, fasteners, and connectors – is included with the purchase. The system was specifically designed to work with the factory-installed connections and fittings, making it a straight-forward, plug-and-play modification."

The Dream Giveaway Vette features other mods from the Lingenfelter C8 collection as well, including Corsa exhaust, which adds 19 horsepower.

You can buy Lingenfelter's performance mods online at

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