2022 Corvette Sold Out ... In Australia!

July 26th, 2021 Chris Phillip
2022 Corvette Sold Out ... In Australia!
A total of 250 Australians really like the new Corvette, enough to sell out Oz's first allocation for the 2022 Stingray.

Getting the new Corvette down under will not come cheap.

Unlike America, where the base Corvette comes in at about $60,000, the nearly identical vehicle (steering wheel on the right!) starts at $107,107 USD with the chart-topping Carbon Edition setting the Aussies back $140,349 USD.

But,hold on tight. We are not done yet.

If you thought the $1,000 destination charge on new American cars was pricey, take a gander at this:

Chevrolet charges a $14,774 USD bounty to recoup its costs in transporting a new Corvette from Bowling Green to the land of shrimp on the barbie.