Give Me a G. Give Me a T. Give Me an X.

July 7th, 2020 Chris Phillip
Give Me a G. Give Me a T. Give Me an X. VIEW POST
Turbojet. Super Cobra Jet. Super Commando. Those were the glory days when Chevy, Ford and Dodge/Plymouth engines had names that inspired potential buyers.

That's why this Super Commando 440 engine, an original issue to this '68 Plymouth GTX, makes this classic carriage quite the standout. Build way back in March 1968, this gear-slapping Forest Green muscle machine is documented with its original build sheet, broadcast sheet, and Certicard.

Our favorite feature - the 150-mph speedometer, which would be a perfect challenge for the 3.23-geared 8.75-inch rear.

Offered for sale by madmusclegarage, this pampered Plymouth is RYNO Classifieds car of the week.