Risky Business Porsche 928 is Cruise's ex-Cruiser

July 20th, 2021 Chris Phillip
Risky Business Porsche 928 is Cruise's ex-Cruiser
Ah the glorious decade of the 80s, which is so memorable, in part, thanks to Tom Cruise and Risky Business.

Said movie masterpiece featured young TC borrowing daddy's impeccable Porsche 928 and chase scenes through the Chicagoland area with TC being chased by a mob man.

Now, you can own that piece of cinematic history thanks to fellow who located the actual 928 used in the movie for a majority of its street scenes.

"This 928 is a 1979 model finished in gold (it was originally green) with a brown leather interior and powered by a 4.7-liter V8 paired with a stick shift. Fun fact: Tom Cruise had to learn to drive a stick, and did so on this car." (Source: Autoblog.com)

You can find this nifty Porsche niner at Barrett Jackson's upcoming Houston auction.