Next Nissan GT.R - Go, Go Godzilla!

July 13th, 2021 Chris Phillip
Next Nissan GT.R - Go, Go Godzilla!
Ferrari and Lambhorghini will hybridize their next-gen sports cars, but way across the pond in Japan, Nissan will keep the next-gen GT.R, affectionately known as Godzilla, equipped with a 100-percent internal combustion engine.

"Now, according to Best Car, the R36 will continue as a pure gasoline-powered car, picking right up where the R35 leaves off in early 2023. There will be no gap in GT-R model years like the long absence between the R34 and R35." (Source:

"The article also states that a gasoline-only GT-R might be made possible due to Nissan's strong position in EV and e-Power hybrid sales. Fuel economy and emissions savings on those fronts can help balance the GT-R bringing down the average in fleet calculations." (Source:

So, if you want to enjoy the internal combustion engine on a new performance sports car at least for a few more years, the Nissan GT.R could be exactly what you need.

Go, go Godzilla!