ATV, UTV and now LTV. What Does it Mean?

May 26th, 2021 Chris Phillip
ATV, UTV and now LTV. What Does it Mean?
Sure, hitting the dunes in a UTV sounds like fun, but what if you could do it in 1/6th the gravity of earth.

That's what General Motors and Lockheed Martin will turn into reality by the end of this decade for NASA and America's astronauts for their return to the moon.

LTV, if you haven't guessed by now, is a lunar terrain vehicle, and GM designed the original moon rovers over 50 years ago.

This generation will soon get to see a lunar vehicle with cutting-edge technologies, including electric vehicle systems, autonomous driving, and hazardous terrain capabilities.

“This alliance brings together powerhouse innovation from both companies to make a transformative class of vehicles,” says Lockheed Martin Space vice president, Rick Ambrose. “Surface mobility is critical to enable and sustain long-term exploration of the lunar surface. These next-generation rovers will dramatically extend the range of astronauts as they perform high-priority science investigation on the Moon that will ultimately impact humanity’s understanding of our place in the solar system.”

Ever hear the saying, "This ain't rocket science!" Well, this time it really is.