Seeing Red

June 10th, 2020 Chris Phillip
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If you're not the venerable type able to recall the hey-day of the original muscle-car era, the Dodge Charger is the sporty four-door performer in the brand's modern-day line-up with multiple engine choices up to a 707hp Hellcat engine. But back in the day, starting in '66 and revamped in '70, the Charger was a two-door powerhouse of a pavement pounder, which gave other street machines a run for their money back when 37 cents could score for you a gallon of high-test gasoline.

That's brings us to this '70 Charger 500, which is such a great find here on Ryno Classifieds. Who can argue with this cherry example of old-school swagger, sporting a thirsty 383ci V-8 paired to a heavy duty four-speed manual row box with a Pistol Grip shifter and Magnum 500 Wheels? The seller Idealclassicars states this attention-grabbing Charger was recently the recipient of a rotisserie restoration, which means that this Hemi Orange coupe looks as luscious as it behaves.

Put it all together and you have the perfect recipe for our highest accolade - the Ryno Classifieds Car of the Week.