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Reggie "V-spOt" Brunson.

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Reggie "V-spOt" Brunson

My name is Reggie Brunson & I am from Miami, FL. I drive this beautiful 2015 CTS-V coupe. Other than my '47 Chevy pick-up & my '65 Chevelle SS, this car is by far my favorite! From the day I drove her off the lot with my wife holding on for dear life I knew that she would be the start of a VERY expen$ive hobby. After only 6 months of owning her we began doing modifications. We went to several race events at our local tracks PBIR "RIP", Immokalee, WannaGoFast, FL2K & Cadillac Attack. The first Cadillac Attack event we went to, we took runner-up in the 19" class & during our 2nd Cadillac Attack event on the 3rd pass, we blew the motor. The car sat for close to a year (thanks COVID) while we had a new motor built & have been fighting the new motor blues ever since. We are asking for your support to help get her running back up to her fullest potential.

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