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Michael Blaum.

Michael Blaum

Racing was something I’ve always wanted to do however family first! At the age of 49 I was diagnosed with some horrible news that I had 3 brain aneurisms and had a craniometry for the clipping of the brain aneurisms. Well February 20, 2020, I had my surgery after surgery I was very worried about recovering with vision, hearing, chewing, taste, and smell. 5 months latter my vision, and chewing healed completely, and I was completely released from the Dr’s, I still have hearing loss in the right ear, and I occasionally have taste, and smell they may never come back they said! So, I asked the question. Can I start motorcycle racing? The answer was yes you can do whatever you want there are ZERO RESTRICTIONS!! Alright Doc so December of 2020 I started racing and making it a point to say you are never too old to follow a dream. In the 2021 season it was tuff to get up and running however I was able to. In my first season I demonstrated my ability to race bringing home multiple wins throughout the (FMRRA) Florida Motorcycle Road Racing Association. Then in October of 2021 I raced at the Race of champions at Daytona International Raceway with the CCS org I brought home the ama National Championship. After receiving the championship, I went on to get into (MA) Moto America and was approved with all the documentations and information from CCS. I will be Racing in the Moto America season in the Twins class this year 2022. This year in the 2022 Race season I’m also doing club racing with Pan American Superbike things are looking pretty good. We had a crash in my 3-rd. race, but I was able to continue throughout the day on the twin’s bike. Round 1 I received 2 first place wins and 1 Second place win Round 2 I received 5 first place wins, 1 second place win, and 1 third place win Round 3 is a few short weeks out, and I’m excited to see what we can do at Miami Homestead. My first Moto America Race is coming up fast, and we are ready!