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Alicia Boubon .

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Alicia Boubon

My name is Alicia Boubon I'm an Army Veteran that did two combat tours over seas. When I came back to the states I had some PTSD from an incident. My husband could see I wasn't comfortable around vehicles but could tell I liked the look of all vehicles. He has a small Tire grudge car he races that started off 100 percent stock, with that car we grew together. He answered all question I had for the car until I became a crew member helping with tire pressure, fuel lining him up loading/unloading and video/photography. He bought me a 1999 trans am that I did my first burn out in and first time ever going 13.8ET at LVMS Midnight Mayhem. He sold that car for a better power plant and more reliable, so we bought a 2014 camaro ss and that's where it all started. Drove around for about 6 months I came home asked him if he could make it sound better and his face lit up like a kid in the candy store. Next thing I knew we were picking up the car from Leading Edge Performance and we had a monster on our hands. He worked with me from day one learning how to launch the car, work line lock and let it eat. I had the car wrapped to support PTSD Awareness and let all veterans knows your not fighting alone we ;IGY6. I've been 10.2ET at 138MPH I know the car can go deep into the 9s since my husband has been 9.90ET at 143MPH. Goal is to get into the 9s this year, just had a couple failed parts at the last couple events we attended currently in the process of getting an upgraded transmission