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Lauren Butler.

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Lauren Butler

I am a 34 year old mother of two boys that works full time at West Penn Hospital as a CST (Certified Surgical Technologist), and a local hometown Saturday night race car driver, and Sunday go-kart coach to my oldest son who is our 3rd generation driver. I try to lead by example to my kids and to my young fans that if you want something, you have to go and get it. No one is just going to hand you something unless you're able to back it up with results. My team is consistent of my father (crew chief), mother (logistics), and my two boys(crew). Edlin Motorsports was founded in 1999 when my dad raced locally and I was a part of the crew. He also owns his own business Edlin Automotive which was a towing/mechanic services( it's just mechanical now). After watching my dad, I wanted to get behind the wheel of a race car and be like Jeff Gordon. I have been racing since I was 12 starting in go-karts traveling through Ohio. I was 14 when I got behind the wheel of my first stock car in the Allison Legacy series. I then moved into the Street Stock division in 2006 and honed my career there over the next 12years earning 15wins and became Jennerstown Speedway's and The Sweeney RUSH Asphalt/Dirt Series first female champion in 2017. From there I looked to advance my racing career and stepped into the 600HP Super Cup Stock Car Series. I debuted late in 2018 for the last 2 events of the season with a 603 crate engine against 600hp cars, and earned a T5 and 2 T10s during this time. 2019 was my first full travel year with the series as we are a low budget team and wanted to make sure we could be competitive. I earned 4 podium finishes, Top performing Rookie of The Year, The Hard Charger Award, 3rd in the Northern Divisional Points, and 4th in the Overall Divisional points. Fast forward to 2021 I earned 6 T5s, 13 T10s with 13 starts. Our season ended early due to a blown engine and tire supply issues. I still managed to place 8th in the overall points, but prior to the issues, I was just points out of the Northern Divisional Championship.