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Isaac Rosales.

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Isaac Rosales

Hey Everyone, my name’s Isaac! I’m an aspiring racer, getting ready to turn my dream into a reality. I own a 1989 Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 aka Godzilla! I imported my GT-R from Rivsu Imports back in 2015 & had it shipped here to Brownsville, TX where we still reside. The GT-R has always been one of my favorite cars since a child so clearly I did everything I could after high school to attain one. Got the car bone stock interior/exterior; everything else that’s on the car currently was all installed by me. I don’t currently have a lot of seat time as a racer because my car has always had issues ever since I got it. The best time I ran down the 1/4 was a consistent 13.3 @ 106! That’s with bad turbos & a bad clutch to add! I’ve also really fallen in love with AutoX, but I’ve only done local events so nothing to really show times. It’s a major goal of mine to eventually get into circuit racing where the GT-R has always flourished. I love driving fast & learning more about my car as I go. Unfortunately about 2 years ago my motor finally turned over for the last time before Rod Knock struck! Since then I’ve been slowly trying to gather parts to bring my dream 650HP Street/Track weapon build back to life!