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Brandon De La Vega.

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Brandon De La Vega

I started out racing as soon as I got my license, but have always been in the racing world due to my papaw. I started out working on my s10 that we swapped the typical 350/th350 into and worked my way into the 13s. Eventually I graduated from high school and a community College with an associates in welding/metal fabrication. When I did that, I bought a stock 2009 Cadillac CTS-V and then went fbo on the car to twin Turbo just last year. Rob Collins has been a huge help, as he did the twin setup on the car as well as help me numerous times and give me tips on what to do. Regardless if I'm racing or not, I'm always involved in the car scene from helping host meets, shows, etc. Anything to help grow the my generation and the next to a better level.