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Ken Mullins - Team Zero Racing.

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Ken Mullins - Team Zero Racing

38/M Yakima , Wa- Hobby Stocks- Street Stocks- Pro Late Model- I am just getting back into Racing after a 10 year leave. I am racing a Pro Late Model out of Yakima Washington. I will be focusing on Hermiston Raceway with the intentions of making it to a few other tracks around the NW if possible. I have raced everything from a Hornet 4cyl. to a Street Stock in my previous racing career. Mainly Hobbies and Streets. I am racing with my best friend Todd Connell at Team Zero Racing. Team Zero Racing is amazing. They have been a 1 car team and as high as a 8 car team. We are here to help grow the sport how ever we can. We are here to help fellow racers out with affordable new and used parts, reasonable set-up and shop rates and what ever we can do to help out. We have nice equipment and get the most out of it. But, we are not a top tier funded program and love what were doing with the equipment we have. I am excited to be back at the track and back in a car for 2022. All of my family has raced at one point in time. My dad raced all through the 80's into the mid 2000's. Over the years I have had Brothers, Uncles and Cousins all at the track and in cars. I look forward to racing my twin brother Jeff Mullins this year and of course my teamate Todd Connell who has been a lot of help getting me back into the sport.