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Joey Bailey.

Joey Bailey

I began racing quarter midgets in 2005 at the age of 8. Racing was my passion since I was born, and all I ever wanted to do was follow in my father’s racing footsteps. My family didn’t have a lot to their name, but we certainly maximized any opportunity we got. I drove the same quarter midget from the beginning to end. A large sized, 1997 Bullrider Chassis that I grew into overtime, as it was significantly excessive for an 8 year old boy. We ended up winning the 2011 Eastern Grands Nationals with that 1997 Bullrider, which was a great underdog story considering the amount of effort that goes into those big events. 2013 I began racing TQ Midgets with the ATQMRA. My father and I got a 1986 Bruce Chassis, and one engine that was a bit outdated. We won a few races over the years, but we were certainly getting everything we could out of that car. Legendary car owner Alan Mollet noticed this, and at the end of the 2017 season, he put a deal together with my father and I to team up with a brand new TQ Midget built by Matt Janisch in the 51B. The opportunity got to showcase what I could really do, and between the next two years, we won 11 races together and the 2019 championship. Shortly after the banquet, I got an opportunity to race for Lenny & Donna Boyd in their famous 1B (which was the car to beat in the 2010’s). This opportunity also propelled a part-time deal with Mike Scrivani to race his NEMA (NorthEastern Midget Association) lite in 2020. Unfortunately COVID put a damper on the season, and ATQMRA was not counting a championship due to the short schedule, but we proved immediately that we were a threat to win week in and week out, and scored the “unofficial” 2020 ATQMRA Championship. 2021 was backed up with my 2nd official ATQMRA title (not to mention the first season with RYNO on board as a series sponsor), as well as picking up my first career NEMA Lite victory. 2022 will be a year of continuing to grow, as we will focus on winning the NEMA Lite Championship, as well as contending for the Indoor Auto Racing Championship events in the winter months, some ATQMRA races throughout the year and hopefully some full NEMA Midget races.